Our exclusive chat with Amy Jack

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Congratulations on your debut album. Has anything surprised you about the process of writing and recording?
Yes! Something that continues to surprise me is how much music trends change along with technology throughout the years. It changes every day, and I feel like I learn something new every day.

Your album title is Introducing Amy Jack. What are some secret talents or random facts about yourself that most people do not know?
A few fun facts others might not know about me: I once won a limbo contest in a country bar, and I once was a spelling bee winner! I was salesperson of the month in radio 13 times, I graduated from Oklahoma University in 3 years, I swim every day of the year, and I am a twin.

When was that eureka moment where you realized music was your calling?
When I was at the University of Oklahoma, my voice teacher encouraged me to pursue my dreams. She told me to continue molding my voice and practice songwriting, and she really challenged me to be the best artist I could be.

What is your favorite part about performing your music live?
I really enjoy seeing the audience’s reaction. I do it all for them, and when I know I’ve hit a note just right – I call it the “sweet spot” of the note – then, I know I hit the “sweet spot” of the listeners’ hearts. It makes all of the hard work so worth it.

How did you and Merle Haggard become friends?
I went to Merle’s concerts and got to know him after shows. While he was a mentor and friend to me, I’m also a true fan of his — I’ve read his book, Sing Me Back Home, five times!

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Who are your biggest influences?
My greatest influences include Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, Glen Campbell, Frank Sinatra, Roger Miller, Cher and many more. I feel touched by so many artists that it’s hard to choose, but all of these artists have influenced my music and me personally.

Your songs have been featured on iHeartRadio, FoxSports, ESPN and more. Do you have a dream show to be featured on?
I would love to perform on Saturday Night Live and do a comedy skit. I’ve watched the show for as long as I can remember and some of my idols have been on the show.

What are your goals for the next five years?
In the next five years, I hope to get back on the road and tour; I love to meet new people and make new friends in my life.