Of Monsters and Men is Back with New Single “Crystals”

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It’s been nearly a year-and-a-half since Of Monsters and Men released “Silhouettes,” which was featured on the soundtrack of Hunger Games: Catching Fire, and about three years since their debut album My Head Is an Animal made its appearance in the United States. However, don’t be frightened by their lack of new music because today, the five-piece Icelandic indie folk band unveiled a lyric video for “Crystals,” the lead single off their forthcoming sophomore album Beneath the Skin, which is set to be released June 9.

“Crystals” is an optimistic little single just as enchanting as its name. Fans will be pleased to hear the familiar vocals of frontwoman Nanna Bryndís Hilmarsdóttir, and the notorious upbeat instrumentals they have grown to love from previous My Head Is an Animal tracks, such as “Little Talks,” “Mountain Sound,” “Dirty Paws,” and “King and Lionheart.”

The lyric video, which was released via YouTube and can be seen below, features Icelandic actor/comedian Siggi Sigurjóns passionately lip-syncing along to the song.

It’s clear to see “Crystals” reflects the idea that Of Monsters and Men will mostly likely stay true to their original, signature sound for their next record.