Nina Dobrev Reveals What She Took From ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Set

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Nina Dobrev revealed what exactly she took home with her after filming The Vampire Diaries.

The actress made a return to the film-centric Georgia town of Covington on December 1, 2023, for Epic Cons’ I Was Feeling Festive event. This occasion was notable as it was her first convention in regards to the show since Season 6 of the series. The Vampire Diaries fans sold out the convention the first day that tickets went on sale to see Nina Dobrev along with their favorite actors.

During the panel portion of the convention, fans were able to ask questions to the talent along with questions from the panel hosts. When Dobrev was asked which supernatural power she would like to have, she immediately knew her answer.

“Compulsion all day every day,” she stated. “And I would not use it for good only. It would be a 50/50, healthy medium, good and bad.”

What Nina Dobrev Did and Didn’t Take Home From The Vampire Diaries

“I mean it wasn’t just one,” she said with a laugh. “Let bygones be bygones, it has been a while so I can [say what I took]. I took a bunch of books, like a lot of books from the libraries.”

Dobrev also took her character’s famous blue lapis lazuli daylight ring that her character used when she was a vampire. “That’s definitely worth a lot of money,” former cast mate Arielle Kebbel quipped. Dobrev revealed that she actually wanted to take other props and set decorations home with her but the show was still filming. (You’ll recall that she left after Season 6 while the show ran for two more seasons.)

“You know, I tried to take one of the furniture,” she admitted. “They were still shooting, but like it’s fine guys no one will notice… it’s good we’re good,” Dobrev slyly smiled. The big furniture piece in question was actually a”pretty” custom bed frame that you can’t buy. “I would buy it,” she added. “I just can’t, you guys made it and I really like it.”

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