New Music Video: Luke Bryan ‘Strip It Down’

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Luke Bryan just released the highly anticipated Music Video for his single ‘Strip It Down.’ While some fans might be disappointed that Bryan didn’t bare all in the music video, they can appreciate the concept.

The video is focused on two couples, Bryan is merely shown in frames singing and playing a piano in a barn that belongs to one of the couples (but belongs to Bryan in real life!!!). The two husbands are friends and decide to basically swap lives for an evening, treating their wife to the other wife’s life.

It’s an interesting concept and one that can be very familiar with couples after being together for an extended amount of time. You get stuck in these patterns and grooves, caught up in life and you just need to find a way to get back to way things use to be. When it was simple.

Lyrics that hold such meaning like

“Baby, we’ll remember what to do
To drown out every distraction,
It’s time we made it happen

Strip it down, strip it down
Back to you and me like it used to be.”


The story follows as the husbands trade cars, and a belt buckle for a tie. As one husband takes his “farm wife” to the other’s fancy home with a city view and expensive champagne. It is nice to get all dolled up and treated like royalty every now and then.

But what if that’s your every day life? You see that view all the time. It can be harder to appreciate things.

“We both know that we lost it somehow

Let’s get it found
Strip it down, down, down

I wanna drop this cell phone now
And let it shatter on the ground
They ain’t holdin’ nothin’ these two hands
Until they’re holding you again.”

So the couple that lives on the higher end of life, trades the fancy heels for some cowboy boots and goes to a candle lit dinner in a barn, where life is much more simple. Sometimes you have to take away all the distractions to get back to what really matters, each other!

Watch the video below!


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