Nathan Sheridan Embraces New Musical Territory with Heartfelt “Troubled You” (Premiere)

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Americana/folk artist, Nathan Sheridan, enters a new territory with his newest single release Troubled You.

The song was written by Nathan himself along with well-known songwriter Michael Farren (written for Reba & Lauren Daigle).

After my deployment to the Middle East in 2013 I really took a turn for the worst. I came home frustrated and emotionally unavailable to practically everyone around me. I wasn’t ready for the transition back to normal life. Combining this experience with an already traumatic childhood, it was a toxic recipe. It all took a huge toll on my relationship with my girlfriend (my wife now) and I found myself saying things I didn’t mean and putting my problems off on her,” explains Nathan. “I was not treasuring her the way she deserved. It was a crazy time in life where I honestly just didn’t know how to deal with my own issues and projected everything onto her. I wrote Troubled You directly from that period of my life. It’s simply an apology to her for letting my troubled past creep into our lives and making my troubles her troubles. In hindsight, it’s also a song about owning the blame. It wasn’t my past that made her feel the way she felt. It was me doing all those things. At the end of the day, It wasn’t my circumstances or my history that needed to change, it was me.

You can listen to the touching new single release exclusively below. 

Nathan started his career in the CCM industry and created a name for himself in this community. However, Nathan became drawn to the Americana/folk scene for the honesty and substance that he felt was lacking in the CCM realm. Nathan desired to create music that was both true to him and did not have to fit a specific mold. 

You can learn more about Nathan Sheridan by visiting www.nathansheridanofficial.com.