EXCLUSIVE: Mike Ryan Interview

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After the release of his latest single, Mike Ryan sat down with Stage Right Secrets for an exclusive interview. Find out all about his new music, touring plans, and more, below.


How did the initial idea behind “Can Down” come about?

Well we were venturing into somewhat familiar territory with this one… shit has gone down and we gotta have a drink about it. There’s lots of places to have a drink and plenty of people to keep you company but at the end of the day, the back porch is where it all goes down.

How did the song’s creation progress until what it is today? 

Usually when I write one that stands out it gets added to the set list pretty quick. This one was definitely a quick add so we’ve been playing it at shows for awhile. I think it’s a good thing to live with a song and feel it out for a while before you go in and record it. The “live set” test is an important part of the evolution of a song. It’s also cool too ’cause there are a lot of folks that have been asking about this one, so it’s exciting to finally get it out.

What are some of your recording studio essentials? 

I’m really not too picky in the studio… plenty of water. If I’m going in to sing vocals I like to do those at night.

You’re a Texas native, what are some hidden gems in the great state? 

I grew up in San Antonio so I’ll start there… Chris Madrid’s is my favorite burger spot, Alamo Cafe for Tex-Mex and Barbecue Station goes hard.

The Hill Country is probably my favorite region. There’s plenty of good rivers to float but the Frio will always be my favorite.

You’re able to perform live music again, what has that experience been like and how does a show exactly work?

Yes! We have played a few shows through this time and they are all a bit different than normal… less people that are more spread out, usually sitting down. The energy is different but we’ll take it. Playing live is something I didn’t realize I needed so much so I’m grateful for more shows coming in.

What goes into creating a Mike Ryan show?

We’ve been working on the show for a long time… always a new song to add or a swap out. The flow of a setlist is complicated sometimes and it changes regularly with different venues. No two shows are the same!

With the past year being stuck at home, do you think it influenced your creativity at all? 

Absolutely. The proof of the inspiration was delayed a bit but it was definitely there…my boys are young and need lots of attention! I started building a studio that’s almost finished now so I’ll be getting lots of use out of it soon.

Are you working on any new music currently? 

Yes! We have a bunch of songs recorded and we are gonna get a few more done in the next couple of weeks. The new record won’t be long now!