Melissa Mickelson On “Hold On”

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Melissa Mickelson most definitely has a new single out. Sure, she wishes to play a stadium some day, with an EP under her belt and an upcoming tour she’s on her way. She’d just much rather play the Grand Ole Opry and eat tacos.

SRS: What was the inspiration behind your latest single “Hold On”?

MM: My husband has worked night for FOREVER and I work days. We literally high five as I leave and he goes in the door. This song was just about slowing down and remembering that you have each other through all the crazy.

SRS: How has your music evolved since your first EP?

MM: I think I’m finding my own sound this time around. I was so scared and nervous when I was in the studio for the first EP. This time, I knew what I wanted and how I wanted it to sound. I came into this song much  more confident.

SRS: You have an EP under your belt already, and a new single out. So is an LP on the horizon?

MM: I am hoping so! I recorded two singles this last time but I would love to make more music. Fingers crossed!

SRS: Tour is coming up! Do you have any nerves before a show?

MM: I don’t get too nervous. I do tend to have a fleeting moment where my breath catches and I think to myself… oh my lanta, especially if its a large crowd. But that is just a minute and then it’s over. I love playing shows and I love seeing everyone loving the music. Makes my heart happy.

SRS: Do you think growing up in an Air Force Family affected your music in anyway?

MM: I really do! Every time we moved, I loved finding my new favorite stations on the radio. My dad has  collection of vinyl records and they were all classic country, with a few Elton John thrown in. I grew up loving my country and the people that served it. I think country music is just that.

SRS: If you weren’t a singer, what do you think you would be doing?

MM: That’s a hard one! When I was little, I really really wanted to be an aerobics instructor because I had a really awesome aerobics barbie! In all seriousness, I think I would probably be a school teacher! I have my Bachelors degree and I minored in Anthropology. So maybe teaching about ancient civilizations?

SRS: After stalking your socials, we see you’re a gigantic foodie. Bless your soul! Ditto! What are your favorite foods?

MM: I do love food! I love pizza.. warm bread and butter.. fried chicken and biscuits..a good hamburger and french fries. All the things that are bad for you! I enjoy trying new foods and different flavors.

SRS: Female empowerment and body-positivity are huge issues for you. Why and what advice would you give to say a fifteen year old girl?

MM: It took me a long time to love me and how I was built. I would say, embrace YOU! Take all the beauty you have inside and out and show the world what your made of! The only thing that is holding back is YOU! Go get it!

SRS: So the sky is the limit, what would be your biggest craziest career ambition? 

MM: I would love nothing more than to play the Grand Ole Opry. The mother church of country music. While I would love to sell out stadiums, for me, playing the Opry is about standing in a sacred place where other amazing artists have played and knowing that you made it. I literally shed tears when I really start to think about it. What an honor that would be.