LISTEN: Liz Bohannon – “Let Me Go”

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“If you love someone, let them go,” We’ve all said it; we’ve all heard it. “Let Me Go” by Nashville-based songstress Liz Bohannon feels like the exhalation after all the action happens.

As much as it sounds counterintuitive, letting go can be what is needed to thrive and free yourself from something that is holding you back or no longer supports your growth.

This infectious breakup song simmers with lingering attachments and loss but no regret or indecision. With her ethereal vocals evoking the feeling of being bound by love, this collaboration with Nashville producer/songwriter Louis Johnson is a warm bathtub full of pop ingenuity.

“Let Me Go” is the final single from the upcoming EP, which Liz Bohannon announced will be available on April 23rd.