DJ Topgun Releases Official Remix “18” with Drippin’ So Pretty

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Based in Los Angles, CA, DJ Topgun released the official remix of “18” with Drippin’ So Pretty.

Drip has been one of my favorite artists for a while now, the dude is an underground legend, he’s been doing his thing forever.. I’ve only known him for like 6 months but we actually got connected through a skate homie we both know. To be honest, I’ve made much more connections in music through skating rather than just music itself which is pretty crazy. I & drip would skate a couple of times a week just as homies before we even talked about working together on music. & honestly this remix just happened naturally. one day I just asked him to send me some vocals over from his new album & I made the track that same day, we’re both super hyped on this one. I don’t think anyone has ever made some electronic shit with Drip before so I’m stoked to be the first!” explains DJ Top Gun.

Coming up in the hip hop scene as a DJ, he toured with artists such as Lil Xan, Yung Gravy, & more. As well as solo shows opening up for Young Thug, & others.

In 2020, Topgun decided to learn how to produce & switch over to electronic music. He has quickly turned heads by only releasing a handful of records.

You can listen to the new release, “18”, below.