Lena Stone Delivers New Single “October” Just in Time

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The Fall season is almost in full bloom, which gives Lena Stone the perfect time to deliver a song that couldn’t be more fitting. “October,” out today, September 28 gives us the perfect introduction to Autumn as we say goodbye to Summer. But what’s so intrinsically beautiful about this track is Stone’s vocals. Her ability to express emotion, while sharing the story of how beautiful love can be but how quickly it can end just like the season is the best we’ve ever seen her.

“October” is by far the best performance we’ve seen from Stone both sonically and lyrically. The track was written by Stone, along with friends Savannah Keyes and Simon Reid. It’s a song that came to life when the three walked into a writing session and began to speak about their excitement of the Fall season, which seems to go by in a blink of an eye.“I wrote ‘October’ with my incredible friends Savannah Keyes and Simon Reid last fall,” said Stone. “The idea for the song was born in the room that day when we were all just talking about how beautiful the fall is, and how quickly it’s over, just like some of the best love stories.”

She shines bright when she compares the love to the season that is gone in an instant. While the story involves Stone saying goodbye to a lover who changed her world, she effortlessly sings the track with a joyous but nostalgic tone, making it not only appear sorrowful but worthwhile in the end.

“October” is now available across all digital platforms, and is the first single since her debut EP released in May.  Take a listen to the track below and allow it to bring you warmth as the months get colder, and the let you take you on a journey of nostalgia and a love that was worthwhile.

Listen to “October” here

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