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The 1975 “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships” Track By Track Album Review

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All of the media outlets doing year-end lists of the best albums of 2018, need to rethink their selection. The 1975 have released their beyond highly anticipated album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships via Dirty Hit. Here are our initial reactions to listening to the album for the first time.

“The 1975”

Even though the track is only roughly ninety seconds, it is a staple in The 1975 culture to have a self-titled intro track on each album. The song brings drama and excitement as you begin your album listen.

“Give Yourself A Try”

The idea of loving yourself is quite a feat to most, this song explores that idea. This song somehow reminds me of previous 1975 music yet it has a distinctive new vibe for the band.



First of all, the build-up is one of the best I’ve ever heard. If you’re at a party or listening in a public space, you would be bobbing your head along to the song but not fully processing of the lyrics’ underlying meanings. Everyone can relate to the struggles of holding a relationship in the technological world via your phone, social media, internet, and not face to face contact. Sonically, this song is a masterpiece, lyrically it is also a masterpiece and a lovely play on words.


“How to Draw/Petrichor”

For the first fifty seconds of the track, you’re in a complete dream state. The production is out of this world throughout the almost six-minute track. To put it simply, The 1975 have mastered interlude tracks, among their other countless musical achievements.


“Love It If We Made It”

Bring on the synths and ambient pop! It’s a very timely piece with references to pop culture, politics, and the world today.  You can’t half-listen to this song, you need the full experience with it’s visual and broken down lyrics.


“Be My Mistake”

If this song doesn’t make you want to give The 1975 a chance, then you need your hearing checked. In a ballad, unlike anything the band has done before, the acoustics bring forth a feeling of calmness and love. You can’t help but sway along and get sucked in by the pure vocals of Matty Healy. With the acoustic guitar and vocals solely, it’s a new venture for the band. I was pleasantly surprised at how vulnerable and just beautiful this ballad was.


“Sincerity Is Scary”

I wasn’t sure what to expect when the tracklist was released prior to the album. I was not expecting a beautiful brass arrangement in this album. This song is a breath of fresh air and transports you to a time of less worry. This song makes me appreciate The 1975’s genre-bending and defiance to a whole other level.


“I Like America and America Likes Me”

The song reminds me of an auto-tuned rap. It’s actually incredible how Healy plays into the auto-tune with his vocal range and preciseness.


“The Man Who Married a Robot/Love Theme”

A spoken word poem recited by male Siri is on this album. The monologue being recited by a robot leaves a bad taste in my mouth, but that’s the idea. This monologue really makes you question the human connection.


“Inside Your Mind”

The first sixteen seconds of the song I thought I clicked off the album into a One Direction song. The song is sung similar to Josh Groban but speaks to a sick or obsessive nature.


“It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)”

Singing about addiction is extremely brave. The ability to talk about serious subject matter while bringing a positive and sing-a-long feeling is applaudable. If I listened to the song while I was busy doing something else, I would think the song is well-produced pop song talking about one of the classic subject matters in songs on the radio today.


“Surrounded By Heads and Bodies”

The comedown is next and it is a beautiful song of compassion about a fellow rehabilitation patient. I found it beautiful that he was able to express his empathy for her but while also not knowing her deeply. The production is a cross between a dreamy pop song and an acoustic indie track.



I was not expecting a heavy piano and jazz filled track from the band. The song is so rich and elegant. I can’t form coherent thoughts after being serenaded by this song.


“I Couldn’t Be More In Love”

I’m all for a guitar solo! Healy’s vocals were incomparable to any previous songs from the band, he truly makes you believe in what he’s singing. The new soulful side to his voice is gobsmackingly perfect and I can’t wait to hear this live. I feel like I’m getting serenaded by our generation’s version of Boyz II Men.


“I Always Wanna Die (Sometimes)”

I just really really really love this song. It has a nostalgic feel that is somehow current. It’s hard to describe how indescribable this song is. Beautiful ending to an album that has made me pick my jaw up too many times for me to count.

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