The Inspiration and Story Behind ‘Knowing You’ From Kenny Chesney

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Kenny Chesney fans can’t get enough of his latest hit, “Knowing You.”

Upon first listen, the song seems to be about people who have passed on. “It’s about a lot of people that’s come and gone in my life, that are still in my life. It would be easy to think that this song no one knew was a sad song,” he admitted.  Kenny Chesney said that the song is all about forgiveness and gratitude.  He explained that the idea was about the idea that you could be happy someone was in your life, to begin with.

“Wherever they are in the world and whoever that is that whoever that person is that you know that they’re good and they hopefully feel the same way about you. It honestly is just about the fact that that it was a moment of your life and you’re glad it happened. Because it would be easy to dwell on that. This song was about the fact that it happened in the first place.”

Kenny Chesney’s 2021 ACM Awards Performance and ‘Knowing You’

Kenny Chesney spoke with Entertainment Tonight prior to the awards show.”I’m very excited, you know … I hadn’t seen my band in two years so it was good to see them,” Chesney said. “You know, it reminded us all what we do for a living… For the past couple of years, we’ve had to cancel two years of touring and so I just haven’t seen that many people that you consider family on the road.”

Chesney admitted that it was “really emotional” to reunite with his crew. “I didn’t realize how much I missed everybody. But when I saw them, it was really good,” he said.

During his performance, he featured some of his loved ones that have passed away. “Singing this kind of song, it’s really strange to look up on the screen and see a couple people that you really loved and knew in your life that have passed on and this song is, it fits the moment, really,” he concluded.