Kanye West releases video for “Only One” featuring Paul McCartney

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This morning you can catch the video for “Only One”, the new Kanye West song featuring Sir Paul McCartney.  Where can you find the video? On

It just plays straight on the page when you go to the website!

The lyrics are also posted below on the website.  The song is beautiful and is a tribute to Kanye’s mother and his daughter North.  I can tell you that I got tears in my eyes because of the cuteness between North and Kanye!  The video follows Kanye and North out on a gloomy day in a field, just having some father daughter time.  The director of the video was Spike Jonze, who also directed the music video for “Buddy Holly” by Weezer, “Weapon of Choice” by Fat Boy Slim, and “It’s Oh So Quiet” by Björk.

Head over to Kanye’s site now to check out the heartwarming video!



P.S. North looks too adorable in those boots!!!!