Jared Leto Listens to Taylor Swift’s ‘1989’ Album for Musical Inspiration

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TMZ posted a video of Jared Leto and another member of 30 Seconds to Mars  listening to a few songs off of Taylor Swift’s most recent album. Songs such as Welcome to New York, Blank Space, and Style were played, and his reaction was not the best.

Taylor Swift has served as a musical inspiration to so many artists in the past years, as she’s always been known for her brilliant song writing and catchy tunes.

Although Jared Leto found some interest in her music, he didn’t seem nearly as impressed with the album as I thought he’d be, “ugh, I don’t like this one”, he said in response to hearing Welcome to New York.

No worries though, Taylor.  Just because Jared Leto doesn’t like it doesn’t mean the rest of the world feels the same. In my opinion, the album is brilliant!

Check out the video of his reaction by clicking on the link below!

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