Indie Artist BVDMIND Releases Addictive New Jam “Feel Alive”

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Indie Artist, Eric Teixeira, better known as BVDMIND has just dropped his debut single, “Feel Alive”.

The debut track comes as a first big release since parting ways from a group in which he was in, FYNX, in which he released a handful of projects. Now not limiting himself to any labels, Eric, aka BVDMIND is branching out on his own and he is doing so independently.

BVDMIND is the embodiment of all my emotions at a rather extreme level — like, personified and honesty. I’m an 18-year-old musician who loves to write, record, produce and perform all of my music independently. & it all starts in my bedroom…… I’ve been making music in different groups since the age of 12. I use what I love (music) to cover messages about mental health, the things that I have been through throughout my life and I take it and I use it as a celebration… A celebration of who I am,” explains BVMIND.

BVDMIND’s solo debut single, FEEL ALIVE is available now on all of your favorite music streaming platforms.

You can learn more about BVDMIND by visiting and Instagram and Twitter.

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