Christian Hip-Hop Creative YB Connects to Listeners with “Provision”

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Bold Records artist, YB is back with his 6 track EP, “Provision”, a collection of tracks that are inspired by coming from nothing, pushing and working hard to achieve his goals, and keeping the faith, the drive, and the passion, while fighting other life struggles.

Watching the news and digesting every social media after George Floyd really hit home for me. I’m very social and typically love social encounters, but during that time, I wasn’t myself. So I started hitting the producers I know searching for a record that would help me communicate this “valley” in my life and producer, “GodFrame” sent the right record. “I pray my supporters to walk away from the project reminded of how faithful our God is,” explains YB. “With so much tension in our society, I wanted “Provision” to be the soundtrack of those fighting to believe the best is yet to come.” He mentioned. “Staying creative during the process of this ep was seamless. After having tour dates cancel and much of spring and summer-fall through, the narrative of the project, emotions, and the tenacity to execute was there, it took me dialing in and capturing that energy.”

Despite having a challenging upbringing as one of 8 children, and having a single mother, he kept the drive and the passion to chat after his dreams. YB found the presence of God at a young age and has steadily been following Christ since, including HIM in everything he does. 

YB is originally from Pine Bluff, AR, but has spent most of his life on the road, not quite belonging in any one place. Despite a challenging upbringing as one of 8 children in a single mother home, YB found the presence of God at a young age. However, he remained wary of Christianity for many years because of the high commitment he knew it would require following Christ.

You can learn more about YB visiting his website and on Facebook and Instagram.

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