If Ferris Bueller’s Day Off Was Set in 2016

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In honor of the 30th anniversary of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Ferris Fest is taking place in Chicago this upcoming weekend! To prepare for this momentous occasion, we decided that it might be interesting to see what it would be like if Ferris Bueller took his day off in 2016.


1. Uber > Cameron’s Dad’s Ferrari

First, no one’s car would be “borrowed.” Ferris and friends would hire an Uber driver, become best friends with him/her, and have their new friend chauffeur them around Chicago on their adventure.


2. Holograms are 2016’s mannequins

Forget the amazing mannequin that Ferris sets up to trick his parents into thinking he’s home; he’d have a fully functioning hologram, complete with Ferris’ wonderful, sassy charm.


3. “Bueller”

The legendary “Bueller” scene would be much different. Ferris’ Economics teacher would maybe say his name once, then Simone would just tell him that Ferris posted the sick emoji on Twitter, so she thinks he’s sick.

Speaking of Twitter…


4. Follow @buellerbuellerbueller on Twitter and Snapchat!

Since Twitter and Snapchat are the main news source for high school students, you can bet Ferris would be live-tweeting and snapping his day, on his accounts @buellerbuellerbueller. “Save Ferris” would be trending on every form of social media; forget a water tower, “Save Ferris” would be the lockscreen of every student at Maine North High School!


5. Cubbies! And the Bean!

The gang would still go to the Cubs’ game because, let’s face it (Sox fan here!), the Cubs are hot right now! But, they would definitely also stop at the Bean! Because you haven’t visited downtown Chicago if you don’t take pictures at the Bean. [Fun fact: the above picture was taken when I watched the film at Wrigley Field!]


6. Twist and Whip?

The Whip is 2016’s Twist and Shout, so the infamous parade in the heart of the city, would feature Ferris showing off his Whip! Shake it up baby, twist and nay nay!


7. Forget Charlie Sheen… Justin Bieber is 2016’s bad boy!

Ferris’ sister, Jeanie, would definitely run into Justin Bieber at the police station!


8. Sears (NEVER Willis) Tower Ledge and Hancock Center Tilt!

Ferris, Sloane, and Cameron wouldn’t need to lean against the glass in the Sears Tower; the Ledge has been added for that! And if they really wanted to lean over the city, they could trek over to the Hancock Center and experience Tilt!  They would also take a million selfies, with every angle of the city behind them.


9. Abe who?

Who’s Abe Froman? Ferris would take Donald Trump’s reservation at “Chez Quis”, who is in town visiting his river-front hotel.


10. Life still moves pretty fast

Finally, however different life may be in 2016 compared to 1986, this lesson that Ferris Bueller taught everyone still holds true: “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”


Check out all of the details for Ferris Fest here and on their website!

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