How Taylor Swift Managed To Change The Haters Into Swifties!

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2014 without a doubt was the year of Taylor Swift. After years of all the haters hating, people are FINALLY giving Taylor a break and giving her music a chance.  After Taylor became a spokesperson for femininity and now a rolemodel to girls showing that you don’t need a significant other to have a great life and great fun.  Taylor proves that always going out with her girlfriends, hanging out with fans, and focusing on her music and blessing the world with her voice and angelic acts of kindness. So what led up to this change in the weather from cracking jokes about her love life to respect and admiration?

  • Her stance on feminism
  • The people she befriended
  • Not needing a man
  • Her MUSIC!
  • Her cats (they’re just as lovable, even Meredith)
  • Showing the world more publicly how amazing she treats her fans
  • Making fun of her dancing, and deep down realizing we are just as awkward as Tay’s dancing
  • Her sass and willingness to stand up for what she believes in

And that my friends is how one 25 year old woman, changed the minds of millions.


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