Halsey – Badlands Review

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The highly anticipated debut album from Halsey, named “Badlands”, dropped August 28, 2015 and what a release it is.
Badlands opens with a track called “Castles” which gives you a bit of a taste for how great the production on this album is (along with everything else about the album). It is unlike anything I have heard before. Halsey has this sound of her own that draws you in with how unique it is.
The next track is the first single from the album, “Hold Me Down”. This single came out a few months back. It definitely got people excited about what was about to come from this young lady.
This album features the song “Colors” which I’m sure everyone has seen the talking bit in the middle of the song somewhere on the internet. “You were red and you liked me because I was blue. You touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky. And you decided purple just wasn’t for you.” It’s one thing to see it on Tumblr but it’s completely different to hear where it came from. I was absolutely blown away when I listened to the finished product of this song. And not to mention, there’s a
“Colors, pt. 2” which is incredibly pleasing to the ears.
Some tracks that really stood out to me on the album are “Strange Love”, “Control”, “Gasoline” and “Young God”. Halsey isn’t afraid to write exactly what comes to mind. I give her props for that. Her lyrics are so raw and real. She even does a mean cover of “I Walk The Line” by Johnny Cash which is something to check out.
I 100% recommend giving this album a listen. It is truly incredible. You’ll be hooked!