‘Glee’ Alumni Amber Riley Launches #unMUTEny

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As the Black Lives Matter movement continues to roar, numerous black artists from the industry have begun to speak out on the mistreatment and injustice they’ve faced in the past, and are still facing today.

For decades, they’ve tried to speak up for themselves, and for decades, they’ve be silenced, muted, and saw their art being restrained. And they (rightfully) have had enough!

’Glee’ alumni Amber Riley is one of the several people who, in addition to sharing their experiences, have decided to use their platform to encourage others to open up, too.

Riley took to Instagram today to announced the launch of #unMUTEny, a platform aiming to encourage Black people from all branches of the industry to share and report the mistreatments and racist environments they’ve faced in their career.

For now in its early days, the first #unMUTEny campaign encourages black creatives to repost the first flyer and use the hashtag to share their experiences. In her Instagram post, Riley announces that the page will evolve to be a source of more information and action items.

Make sure to follow the #unMUTEny page to read everyone’s story and share yours.

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