EXCLUSIVE: Topic Interview

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Stage Right Secrets had the opportunity to chat with Astralwerks artist Topic about creativity in quarantine, his latest track “Like I Love You,” as well as social media (TikTok of course) and more! Check out the exclusive interview below.

2020 has been a busy year for you already, with 2 original songs, a few mixes and some remixes. Has quarantine proved to be a great opportunity for creativity?

Definitely! There were a lot of live gigs planned for 2020… festivals and events I really looked forward to, but that would have meant being on the road for quite a long time. Now I have had far more time in the studio to create music than usual. And I have been working on developing a signature sound for upcoming live shows and festival season 2021. I can’t wait to play festivals again.

What was the inspiration behind “Like I Love You,” your latest release with Nico Santos?

Nico sent me a demo of “Like I Love You” in the beginning of this year. I was super hooked immediately and almost finished the shell of the production in the same night. 

The track is a cool crossover between mine and Nico’s style, I’d say! If you listen to it, you can really hear both of our styles and that’s what makes it so special.

What makes you most passionate about dance music?

I’m passionate about getting people to dance and let their emotions flow with the music. I want them to feel good and forget what’s going on in the world for just a few minutes. That’s why I like to describe my musical style as “melancholic dance music” – songs which bring up various kinds of emotion, but at the same time you just can’t stop your body from moving.

Social media has been a major part of your career from the start. Why do you think social media works so well for artists?

For the community of musicians, social media can be a glimpse behind the scenes if used properly. People want to see what is going on in the studio, backstage, of before and after a gig. I tend to think it’s boring to see because it’s my day to day life :D. And of course it’s a great platform to let the community know when something new is coming out. I get a lot of messages that people are looking forward to new tracks – that motivates me a lot!

“Breaking Me”, featuring A7S, has proven to be a favorite on TikTok. What’s your favorite thing about people using the song?

My favorite thing to see is how creative people get in some of the videos! They really spend time and effort on making them. They have so many sounds and songs to choose from; it makes me kind of proud that they use mine for their videos.



TikTok can be extremely entertaining, especially in quarantine. Do you have a favorite TikTok trend?

No not really, usually I just end up in the swiping spiral – haha!

How did your remix of Surf Mesa’s “ily (i love you baby)” come to be?

We are actually label colleagues. In the USA, we’re both signed to Astralwerks and they connected us. I’m glad they did because I had a great time remixing the track. It’s a tune!

In the little downtime you’ve had in quarantine, are there any shows or movies that you’ve binged and would recommend?

I’ve started watching “Breaking Bad” …again! So I can definitely recommend that one.

Follow Topic on Twitter and Instagram. Listen to “Like I Love You” and his remix of “ily (i love you baby)” with Surf Mesa on Spotify.

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