Exclusive Premiere: Mike Bauer “Wild’

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Bauer’s smooth musical style has been nurtured from an early age by both internal and external influences. With professional musicians in the family like his big band singer father, Laurence Welk show-regular grandfather, and pro cellist sister, Bauer grew up with first-hand experience of the musician’s lifestyle. His exposure to other musical talents–from jazz artists like Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong, to rock groups like Queen and Led Zeppelin, to pop and R&B stars like New Edition and Boyz II Men –further helped forge his musical style. These days, Bauer is something of a musical Clark Kent, successfully balancing his day job as a prosecutor on one hand and his passion for music and performing on the other.

“Wild” follows the release of Mike’s live-shot video “Window Watching” and the release of Bauer’s single “Sky So Blue”. His other music, including singles “One Piece At a Time” and “Sugar” and his previous album, “Financial Aid, Vol. 2” are available for streaming on all digital platforms.

“There’s a bit of deception going on with this song and it is very intentional. The sound design emotes a sexy vibe but lyrically there is a much more important underlying theme. After hearing a tale of heartbreak of a strong and independent woman, I wanted to write something that reminded her of her strength. Something her former lover attempted to stifle in her, take from her, or, tried to make her feel ashamed of. It was a message I felt she needed to hear and one that I thought many other women could relate to.”

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