Exclusive Premiere: MGSP “Signs”

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Worlds collide. MGSP is a pure synergy of modern electronic music and rock&roll roots consisting of childhood best friends, Gregg Sgar and Matt Pelosi. The duo is a product of experimentation, who are looking to play an essential role in the evolution of music for generations to come. MGSP fearlessly pushes boundaries by blending sounds of rock, pop, EDM, r&b, industrial, and hip hop while paying respect to who came before them. With vulnerable and relatable lyrics on their interpretation of the modern world, MGSP makes a statement. By touching on their own experiences of coping through loss, pain, love, relationships, community; and by touching on their interpretation of the modern world through lyrics and visuals, MGSP provides a distinct environment for their fans’ personal freedom. Through creative live instrumentation of acoustic and electronic elements, their raw energy takes you on a journey of emotion and gives the audience a sense of familiarity and relatability. Years of performing rock and EDM enabled. Matt and Gregg to come together and showcase their experience into an unconventional live performance highlighting their chemistry, and raw energy in a contagiously unique pop-centric sound. The Perfect balance of top 40 and niche.

“This video tells the story of a young girl who, on the outside, seems
like she lives a great life. Having a beautiful penthouse apartment,
awesome boyfriend, standard job, you would never expect that she is
balancing the weight of the universe on her shoulders. Mental illness
comes in all forms, and it takes no prisoners. Just because it looks
like someone is doing great on the outside doesn’t mean they aren’t
struggling on the inside. Through personal experience, we wanted to
depict a normal day in the life of this young girl and showcase the
results of holding in those dark thoughts and emotions when you are

Signs is s special song. It talks about the beauty that we have found
in the dark. All of the lessons that stick and some of the greatest
wisdom & art have come to us from our struggles and our loved one’s
struggles. All of it, the good and the bad, have a place in our
personal lives and journeys.”

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