Exclusive Interview: Tanis

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What can you tell us about your new single “Would Be You”?
“Would Be You” is about the powerful feelings of falling in love and losing authority over our own emotions. Despite our self-protective measures, when the recognition that something extraordinary has arrived, it can be terrifying. Yet, being scared is also part of being alive. This single is a fusion of alternative pop and down-tempo electronic music. It is driven by a constant drum rhythm layered under rich evolving synths.

Can we expect more singles to be released or an EP in the near future?
Absolutely! After taking a year off to concentrate on my film scoring which has helped me find more depth in all aspects of my musical journey, I am very excited to be back and releasing more singles. On this note, the music video “WOULD BE YOU” will be released next month. It is shot in the Bahamas, the place I spent much of my childhood and a place I still tend to call ‘home’.

Is there opportunity to perform your new music live?
At the moment I am not scheduled for any live performances.

You’re French, Italian, Singaporean and Bahamian. What is it you love about each culture? And what are some foods we need to try from each?
To add to the list, my paternal great grandfather was actually American from Chicago! My grandfather was adopted by a French man. It was a beautiful and sad love story of an American in Paris that I am happy to share some other time.

My rather eclectic mix of cultures, have all become a massive amalgamation within me. It has definitely made me more adaptable. My European roots have given me the love for history, fashion and art. But most of all, the appreciation of aesthetics and refinement. My Asian side has taught me discipline, respect and efficiency. And the strong sense of family values. The Bahamas has given me the love of the ocean, nature and has taught me that smiles can go a long way!

Having an Italian grandmother on one side and a Chinese grandmother on the other, I grew up with great food! Very simply said, I love food! Whenever I go back to Singapore, my grandma will cook my favorite homemade fish cakes and they are the best. Singapore has amazing local street food that you can’t find anywhere else in the world. I believe they have the most Michelin starred street food. In France, you cannot beat the freshly baked breads and in Italy you could live off delicious pasta and fresh buffalo mozzarella! As for the Bahamas, one needs to try the boiled fish and Johnny cake breakfast. This is authentically Bahamian and so delicious if I may add!

You’ve been on the cover of Elle and featured in Marie Claire, as well as had a TEDx talk. What inspires you?
Having been a rather introverted child, I spent a huge amount of time quietly observing the world around me. There is so much beauty surrounding us and yet we have the talent to destroy it. I like to think that kindness is what inspires me the most. When I see a gesture of kindness, it always has a profound and lasting impact on me. I hope that I will be always able to extend kindness to whoever needs it.

How do you balance everything?
I am not going to lie, having a balanced life is very hard to achieve. As for myself, it is still a work in progress. At the moment, my work and career is in the forefront and my social life is definitely taking a back seat. But I will always find time no matter what for the people I love.

What advice would you give to your younger self?
I was extremely shy as a child, so much so that I allowed my shyness to take charge of me. As a result, I messed up and missed some opportunities. My advice to my younger self would be something my grandfather always said, “blush, but do it anyways”.

What are your top 3 contenders for 2019 song of the summer?
Wow… hard question. As far as new music, I really like what Khalid has put out on his latest album, as well as Billie Eilish. I think they both have a few strong contenders but my go to summer song is still “Walking On A Dream” by Empire of the sun, no matter how many years may have passed!