Brett Castro releases “im sorry”

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After immense success with viral hits “Much About Sadness” (New Music Friday, #37 on Spotify’s Viral 50 Chart) and “i hope u never get over me” Brett Castro releases his highly-anticipated EP – “im sorry”.

“im sorry” is an immersive reflection of his recent breakup. “It’s really all I could write about for a while,” Castro says. “I let the whole thing just consume me, and I really didn’t come out from under it until I finished the final mixes for every song.” The project focuses on Castro’s growth throughout and after his breakup: learning how to fall out of love (“teach you to fall in love”), rediscovering his self-worth (“what’s mine?”), and grappling with messing up a good thing (“i hope u never get over me”).

The artwork was made from a photo taken by his ex-girlfriend.

Castro wrote most of this EP while living in Germany in 2017. “My hard drive crashed while I was living in Berlin and I lost all my music. On top of the breakup I was going through, I felt like I had lost everything. Writing all this new music that’s on this EP – it was a way of finding myself again.”

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