Everything Halloween With Caryn Lee Carter

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What was your last Halloween costume?
Moroccan princess, complete with henna

Scariest or most memorable costume you’ve seen?
A few years ago some people showed up at a party as VERY realistic zombies with their faces ripped open and skin coming off their hands, and I couldn’t even bear to look at them.

Favorite Halloween memory?
Adult trick-or-treating in my old apartment complex. People gave away giftcards and giant candy bars!

Favorite Halloween or horror movie?
Not ashamed to admit that I’m a HUGE chicken, so one of the only Halloween movies I’ve ever seen is Halloweentown from the Disney Channel. It holds up. Still love it.

Which would you rather be for a day: Vampire, Werewolf, Witch, or Ghost?

Witch. Magical powers for a day? Yes, please!

Candy Corn; yay or nay? Why?
YAYAYAY! That stuff tastes like Heaven and is absolute crack. I don’t understand people that hate it.

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