Exclusive: David Fanning Interview

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Your single “Ridin’ to the Beat” is out, what went into writing and recording it?

I wrote the song with two other amazing writers (Kylie Sackley and Vanessa Olivarez). I actually had the title in my phone for over a year but never knew when the right time was going to be to write it. That day we got together I had that acoustic lick and a simple beat going and then everything just fell into place. Kylie and Vanessa are amazing singers themselves and they brought a twist to the melody that I normally wouldn’t do just felt right when we left the room that day. I knew I had to put it on this EP. From there I got with my co-producer Ben Stennis and we built the track.. there’s a bunch of acoustic instruments and then a cool programmed beat that drive the song. It’s very simple but just feels good.

What made you chose it as a single, was it a gut feeling?

A lot goes in to deciding a single. I am lucky enough to have a great team that does research and then we take that knowledge and go from there. My gut feel just tells me to make music I enjoy and hopefully people will connect with it.

What went into choosing the sequencing for your EP?

Dreamers is the 1st of 4 EPs coming out over the next year. If you listen in order it goes from a new relationship to a little more serious relationship ..and that leads us to the next EP…LOVERS

Is there a song that didn’t make your EP that you would have liked to see make it?

I feel great about the EP and have 3 More EPs coming out that I can put more songs on that I love! I’m very excited!

When recording songs do you immediately think of how it’s going to translate into your live show?

YES ..and the more I develop this sound the more I think that way. Live shows are so important and the songs need to speak to that.

Besides being an artist, songwriter, and producer you also designed the lightning for your show. What made you get into lighting design?

I designed the lights, the video walls, and all the content. SO much went into it and continues to go into it. It’s an ongoing process to always make the show better. Every time I do a show I learn something and want to make it better. Honestly what made me get into designing my show is that I wanted the biggest production that I could have at this stage of my career and be proud of it. Every night that I play and see it all come together just makes the show that much better for me.

For people that haven’t seen your live show how could you describe it to them?

It’s hard to describe to people that are used to a full band. The show is just me and a DJ and cool video walls and lights. It’s an experience. The energy is amazing. Best way to describe it is to come to a show and see for yourself!

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