Didi J Talks Music, Fashion and Making It In America

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Didi J is the definition of a superstar. Hailing from Serbia, the singer, designer and model is here in the states to make some big waves. Her second U.S. single already has over a million views and this is all merely the beginning.


SRS: Hey Didi! How did your collaboration with Shaggy come about?

“Shaggy and I actually met through a member on my team that works with promotions. He heard the original “Say No More” and thought Shaggy would work great on it. We discussed it as a team, discussed it with Shaggy’s management, and everything worked out great! The song came out amazing, and both teams are very excited about the song!!”

SRS: Does trying to make it big in the states feel like starting over?

“To be completely honest, yes, it does. It is taking some time to get used to because I feel like I’ve already done this before, you know? I’ve worked so hard to build a name in my region, and now, I have to work twice as hard to compete in the US. But, I’m not complaining. I love a challenge, and I’m determined to make an impression in the US. I am determined to be a successful artist here, in the largest market in the world!”

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SRS: What have you found are the biggest cultural differences between the United States and Serbia?

“Hmmm…I’d have to say the biggest cultural difference is the way that people in the US and Serbia think about dreams. In Serbia, they don’t believe that anyone can really achieve big dreams like becoming an international star. In the US, it seems like everyone believes that you can become whatever you dream of becoming, as long as you work hard to achieve it.”

SRS: Are there positives and negatives to being a singer, model and fashion designer?

“I love all of them, but I would have to say that the biggest negative (or only one, really) is the lack of time. There seemingly are never enough hours in the day to do everything I need to do for each career.”

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SRS: What is your favorite article of clothing you have designed?

“My favorite is a gold dress I designed, that I gave to Lady Gaga when she was in Vienna on tour.”

SRS: Where do you get your design inspiration from?

“Much of my inspiration comes from my love of fashion, beautiful clothes, and my love of feeling beautiful and sexy. I work with a team that also inspires me to make clothes that compliment a woman’s figure and sexiness.”

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SRS: You’re the most followed person in the Balkans. Incredible! Any social media tips to share?

“Lol! I don’t really have any tips. I just post a lot. I post a lot of things that I like to share with my fans, and I interact with them. The biggest thing is the interaction because you have to let people know that you appreciate them.”