The Allure of Handsome Ghost

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All it takes is one play to be pulled into Handsome Ghost and 22 million plus streams later, comes their first ever headlining tour. Front man, lead singer, lyricist and avid coffee drinker Tim Noyes is no stranger to growth and evolution as an artist.

“I’m excited, it’s our first run of headline shows. Nerve-wracking, but it’s a huge step for us. We’re playing a longer set which means more prep. I just think the whole energy surrounding each night is totally different because now it’s on us to make sure that people are having a special experience. We have to be more creative in how we present the songs down to the lighting, etc.,” said Noyes.

Fresh off of tour with Melanie Martinez, Handsome Ghost went straight from the tour bus into the studio, as their first full length is set to debut in early 2017. For those who loved everything from “Blood Stutter“, to the latest E.P., Brilliant Glow, the countdown has officially begun for new Handsome Ghost.

“It will be early 2017, we are right smack dab in the middle of recording it now and are taking a break to do this tour. But it’s coming along really nicely, it’s going to be different which feels good. I’m just recording songs that are the most important to me, in a way I guess it’s kind of like a selfish record. I’m hoping because these are really just honest songs that I really care about, that it’s going to resonate with people that are listening,” said Noyes.

Often times the best forms of art are selfish, adding another layer of anticipation to Handsome Ghost’s longest and latest work. While optimism is at times the best description of some repeatable tracks, don’t overlook that at other times Noye’s lyrics are rooted in darker experiences, adding a twisted and intertwined realism to his sound.

“You’re the first one I’ve shared this with. I’m thinking about each of these songs as a still or photograph. Each one of them I can remember where I was when I wrote it, who I was writing it about, down to every little detail, every little word. So I’m thinking about each song as a moment in time and the album as a whole is essentially my last three years. The people I’ve met, the experiences I’ve had, it’d be like if you had a photo album,” said Noyes.

With each epic story comes the equally satisfying closing of a chapter, with excitement for what’s next. As far as the big picture for Handsome Ghost, the future seems limitless.

“It kind of feels like, I can do this and then I can kind of close the book and move on to the next step. I think I have to do it, to do that,” said Noyes.

While Melanie Martinez is the most recent star Handsome Ghost has joined on tour, Noyes learns lessons on each journey across the country and back again. From Misterwives and BØRNS, to showcases with fellow rising stars, there’s always an important takeaway from sharing space and a stage on the road.

“I’m so impressed with how Melanie’s fans are so unbelievably passionate about her music and the way they connect to that album is like nothing I’ve ever seen firsthand. It pushes you to just do something great so that people will have that response about your music. She’s obviously an incredible performer too, her band is so, so good. Similar to the way I felt about touring Misterwives, you just kind of like reset like wow we have a lot of work to do if we’re going to get to this level. It pushes you to be better,” said Noyes.

Kindness is not lost on Noyes. With the passion and drive he gains from touring with equally talented and determined individuals, there’s something to be said about keeping a kind and inviting demeanor in the middle of chaos.

“Misterwives, that was our first tour, so that one was particularly eye opening. To see how much growing we had to do and they were just so nice to us, Melanie was too, but that doesn’t happen every time. So you always appreciate it when the band that’s taking you on tour just happens to be really good people too,” said Noyes.

Continuing the tradition and paying forward the kindness, Handsome Ghost will be accompanied on their headlining tour by supporting act, YOKE LORE. Noyes is looking forward to being back in one his favorite Chicago neighborhoods and in the first real week of winter for the city, Chicago couldn’t be happier to have Handsome Ghost back in one of the most beloved venues, Schuba’s.

“I have played Schuba’s once, I loved it, I had a blast so I’m really looking forward to playing there. I don’t know what that neighborhood is called, but I love that neighborhood. It just seems cool. It seems like they have cool restaurants, bars and coffee shops. Looking forward to walking around for a while,” said Noyes.

Check out Handsome Ghost like never before, on their first headlining tour. Tickets can be found here.