Dasha On First Time In Austin, Her Country Britney Era, and CMT Awards: VIDEO

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Dasha is performing “Austin” at her very first CMT Awards in Austin, Texas!

The viral TikTok star attended the annual awards show at the Moody Center on Sunday, April 7. Ahead of the show she revealed that she would be performing her smash hit with a full group of backup dancers ready to do the line dance. Perhaps the most surprising aspect was the fact that this marked her first time in the titular city from her song.

“Yesterday at 1 p.m. was my first time being in Austin, Texas,” she admitted. “I know it’s kind of crazy. People are probably caught off guard by that a little bit.”

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The inspiration for the song was really more about the relationship’s storyline rather than the city. She created it from “a real place of anger and disappointment.” But with this single, she wanted to create a full storyline about the situation.

“Obviously I’ve heard so much about Austin, Texas,” she continued. “I was like let’s just make it leaving Austin. We made the whole storyline around it. Now we’re playing the CMTs so it worked out perfectly!”

Dasha: From Austin to CMT Awards

Dasha discovered that she would be performing while she was in Log Angeles. It was just as she was signing her record deal to Warner. She described it was a “whole whirlwind of the week.”

“It’s just the fact that usually not in Austin but this year they are,” she said. “My song’s called Austin… like I’m finally on the map. Everything aligned so perfectly it’s hilarious if you think about it.”

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