CMAT at Brighton Music Hall

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Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Ciara Mary-Alice Thompson, most widely known by her stage name, CMAT, played a night at Brighton Music Hall as part of her “California or Bust” tour. 

Opening the show with her hit “California,” the crowd cheered and sang along to the catchy lyrics. CMAT’s stage presence is next-level and unlike any other. Honestly, some people are just born for the stage and CMAT is definitely one of them.

The venue was packed like sardines with nowhere to move. “I didn’t think so many people would come to the show,” she says. 

“This is my first time playing in Boston!” she exclaims. CMAT describes to us the first time she was ever in Boston – it was to visit family and she was wearing a Jonas Brothers t-shirt in every photo from that trip because she “bought four at WalMart.” 

CMAT played some of her other hits including “Stay For Something,” “I Wanna Be a Cowboy, Baby!” and “Where Are Your Kids Tonight?” off of her “Crazymad, For Me” and “If My Wife New I’d Be Dead” albums. The audience danced like their lives depended on it and their cheers bounced off the walls, filling the room with deafening sound. 

The lighting and sound technicians knew what was up when they put together this show because the technicalities were superb. It can sometimes be difficult to have the best of both worlds in smaller venues but they truly nailed it. 

Overall, the energy was immaculate, the show was brilliant, and if you ever have the chance to see CMAT perform, I highly recommend you take that opportunity.

Christina Laderoute is a photographer, journalist, and podcaster from Boston, Massachusetts. In her free time she dabbles in digital art, plays with her hedgehog; Winston, and watches New Girl on a loop. She is the founder and co-host of Chinwags, a music podcast.