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Dan and Shay Release Sophomore Album ‘Obsessed’

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Without a doubt, fans of Dan and Shay are going to be obsessed with their newly released album. The title itself originated from the duos fan-base.

“We started noticing that hashtag ‘#obsessed’ being tagged in all our fans’ posts when we first revealed our single, ‘From The Ground Up,’” said Shay Mooney in a release. “So when it came time to pick a title for this album, it seemed pretty appropriate that we’re even more obsessed with making music for our fans than they are to hear it.”

Their current single ‘From the Ground Up’ has got to be one of the most romantic songs ever written. The song was inspired by both of their grandparents who have been married for 65 years. This song narrates a beautiful love story of a couple building their relationship from the ground up as sung, “I will be all you need beside you i’ll stand, through the good and the bad we’ll give all that we have…And we’ll build this love, from the ground up”.

Another song that really stands out in this album is ‘Already Ready’. The song showcases Mooney’s ability to sing at a speedy pace, which is quite different than the material were used to hearing from the duo. The song details a guy being at a party with his girl, but wanting to leave as soon as they get there hoping it’ll lead to some alone time between the two of them.

Song ‘Lipstick’ written with Nicole Galyon is one of the more sentimental songs in the album that showcases a story of a girl who’s pushing to get herself out in the dating scene again after having to say goodbye to her ex boyfriend. ‘How Not To’ is one that really illustrates the duo’s ability to get the emotion of the song across to the listeners. This song is one that we can all relate to when it comes to trying to move on from a heartbreak.

‘Obsessed’ is a catchy tune that features a saxophone and brass horn-line that seriously takes you back to the 1920’s. This tune reminds you of those old-school movies where a guy see’s a girl at a dance and is left speechless, but yet, tries to find a way to approach her and talk to her as he’s obsessed by her appearance and persona and just wants to get close to her.

‘Sway’, ‘Round the Clock’, ‘All Nighter’, and ‘Road Trippin’ are the PERFECT summer songs whether you’re taking a road trip or tail gating, they’re set to become the hottest summertime jams.

My favorite on the album is ‘Lately’, this song is without a doubt a declaration of love. “Girl you know you’re beautiful..I used to tell you all the time, but when you let your hair down it still drives me crazy… Something like a miracle that I get to call you mine so baby have I told you that I love you lately”.

To conclude, ‘Obsessed’ is a well written, produced album. It is a given that with this outstanding album, Dan + Shay will be leaping to the top of the charts!

You can listen to the duo’s album below!


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