Country Group Gloriana Breaks Up

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RIP our fragile hearts. Beloved trio Gloriana has broken up. This isn’t the first time the group has been broken up, but it might be the last. Gloriana, made up up of brothers Mike and Tom Gossin and Rachel Reinert have parted ways.

The trio was once a quartet that opened for none other than Taylor Swift on her Fearless Tour.

The fourth member, Cheyenne Kimball abruptly left the band back in 2011 without telling her bandmates, except later via a twitter post.

We can only hope that there has been much communication between Mike, Tom and Rachel after 8 years together. They have become like family, attending Tom’s wedding and reaching other wonderful milestones together.

Rachel took to her social media accounts to let the fans know she would be leaving the band and starting her solo career via the following message:

She released an official statement to Nash Country Weekly

“I knew that this would be one of the biggest and bravest decisions of my life. I joined the band when I was just 18 years old and I fully dedicated 8 years of my life to being a member of Gloriana. I had an unwavering commitment to the band, even though I had always dreamt of pursuing a solo career one day. I just finally reached a point where I really could no longer ignore what was in my heart. I felt as though I had completed my journey with Gloriana. I knew it was time to get out of my comfort zone and everything I’ve known for so long, push myself, and pursue a different creative path.”

We wish Rachel all the best and hope she has a successful career as a solo artist. It’s not easy for female solo artists out there! No word from Mike or Tom yet and if they will continue the band as a duo, add another member or just be done with music altogether. We hope the later won’t be so!