Magic Man Discusses Life on the Road

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Magic Man just recently kicked off a nation wide tour with The Griswolds and Panama Wedding, and they are set to hit some major cities around the US!

We had the opportunity of chatting with Sam Lee, guitarist of the Boston-based Magic Man, where we discussed what life is like on the road.

When asking him about how the tour has been so far he had nothing but great things to say. Sam says he’s really loving this tour because this is their first tour in quite some time and they’re loving being back on the road. They had taken some time off from touring in order to dedicate time to writing new songs and working on their new album.

One of their favorite stops on this tour so far was their hometown, Boston. Magic Man loves playing hometown shows because of their huge fanbase and support from their family and friends. In addition, there are perks of being home such as sleeping in your own bed, and getting to do laundry!

Being home hasn’t been the only memorable part of this tour so far; The boys have been sharing a tour bus with Panama Wedding, and this has made them even closer than before. “It’s awesome to have your buddies with you to hang out after the show, or when you have a day off…” Sam said. Some of their favorite memories are the little things, especially when you can just relax and spend time with your friends.

They feel extremely lucky to be touring with amazing artists, and to have toured with great ones. Their first big national tour was with Walk the Moon and they believe that tour really helped kick off their career. Oddly enough, just a few weeks back, Walk the Moon remixed Magic Man’s song, “Out of Mind”. “It’s always cool to hear bands doing remixes of your songs… You know your own music so well, and so to see a band take a different route with it is always interesting…” Sam stated.

Additionally, Sam told us the band has released new swag for sale this tour, and that they have helped design a lot of the gear alongside their friends and other artists “We get to help create a little clothing line that people will like and will want to wear it regardless of the band,” Sam said.

In regards to the future, Magic Man has many exciting things coming their way. Of course Sam had to reveal that an album is set to drop in the near future!

Keep up to date with Magic Man by visiting their official website.

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