Caroline Kasay Debuts Sophomore Single “Go There Again”

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A new song from singer-songwriter Caroline Kasay, “Go There Again,” makes her mark within the musical realm.

It has a distinct sound that is supported by Caroline’s vocals, for she sings throughout the entire track.

“Don’t be afraid say what you need to say / Say it now, say it loud / Don’t keep it in let it out / Don’t be afraid you never know somebody”

It is through her art that the rising artist has showcased her talents and skill. Caroline has plans to release a number of new songs in the upcoming months so she will be able to debut her project later this year.

Her first single, “Our Own World”, was released a few weeks ago. In the beginning, the song was going to be a response to Steven Curtis Chapman’s 2007 hit, “Cinderella.” However, as the writing progressed, her dad became my biggest inspiration behind the song. The song was inspired by her father, the NFL player John Kasay. Caroline spent most of her childhood in the open, and Caroline grew up surrounded by the media and celebrity circles.

You can follow along on Caroline’s journey by visiting her on Instagram.