PREMIERE | Caroline Kasay Joins Forces with Zach Adkins for “Beautiful City”

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Singer-songwriter Caroline Kasay has been making waves throughout the music industry these past few months. Today, she’s returning with a special rendition of Broadway’s Godspell‘s song “Beautiful City” featuring Zach Adkins.

The song is actually from the show Godspell, and when I heard it for the first time, I immediately thought of the passage in Jeremiah 29:5-7 where we are told to “Build and settle down… find peace in the city that you are in…” and the possibility that out of the darkness and difficulty that we live in, that together we can build something beautiful. It even reminds me of the quote “Out of the wreck, I will rise.” -by Robert Browning. I feel like it is especially relevant today as we are facing a new reality in the midst of COVID-19, and how we respond is completely up to us. Wouldn’t it be incredible if out of it we built things that are BEAUTIFUL instead of divisive? Beautiful City is written and recorded to be a landing place of hope that we CAN build a beautiful city that isn’t perfect but is beautifully human,” explains Caroline.

Caroline’s voice joins actor and singer-songwriter, Zach Adkins. The track (typically song by two males) showcases Caroline and Zach’s vocals shining through on the unique rendition of a theatre favorite.

Well, Caroline is a dream to work with. And I’m not just saying that. She has a clear concept and outlook on her music, which is always helpful as a collaborator coming into someone else’s space. I think the most interesting thing to note about us recording this duet was the fact that I was working on another job at the time. So I was in New Jersey in a hotel room recording my samples for this track while she was with her team in Tennessee. It’s truly a testament to technology because you would never know we weren’t in the same room unless you read this article. You know there’s a lot of drawbacks of technology these days but you’ll never find me complaining about being able to collaborate with a wonderful singer such as Caroline from across the country.” expresses Zach.

You can listen to the track exclusively below.

The track is available everywhere digitally tomorrow.