GALLERY | Bad Bunny Performing at RingCentral Coliseum

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On September 14th, Bad Bunny performed the show of a lifetime at RingCentral Coliseum in Oakland California. Normally shows would be held at the Oakland Area next door, but not on this day. Bad Bunny needed a bigger stage and the room for as many fans as possible. Because it was held on the A’s baseball field, the venue held somewhere between 40,000 and 60,000 fans, and from the looks of it was close to being sold out if not actually sold out. The venue was vibrating with energy of fans who were excited to see their favorite artist. The show started around 7:30pm with DIPLO as an opener. Although the crowd started out small, as more people arrived to the venue the energy changed and you could tell everyone was having a great time. DIPLO snuck in a few Bay Area songs to his set which really got the crowd going in preparation for Bad Bunny’s set. He had great visuals and towards the end of his set even had some flames and smoke machines, he was wearing an Oakland A’s jersey, which is fitting since the performance was at the A’s stadium.

Next up was Bad Bunny’s set, he unfortunately did go on an hour late but when fans got a little bored waiting they decided to do the wave throughout the entire stadium including those in floor seats. This went on for about 15 minutes and was fun to watch. You could see fans dressed up in costume like pink and blue sharks and suns, there was also a lot of fans wearing bunny ears that light up. Eventually the lights went down and everyone knew it was time for Bad Bunny to come on stage. The fans on the floor all stood up on their chairs in hopes to get a better view of Bad Bunny. He walked on stage and walked right over to his beach chair to start off the show, his set up was a beach scene with some palm trees, a beach chair, and a cooler beside it. He went on to perform over 40 songs like “I Like It,” “Party,” and “Un Ratito.” Throughout the show he had smoke machines, lasers, fireworks, and even dancers on a B-Stage in front of him. Not only was it a great show visually but Bad Bunny’s performance was incredible and not often do you see performances with so many songs. Being able to perform 40+ songs in one night is something rare but wonderful to see, the energy from the crowd and the performer has to be maintained and at times brought up throughout the night to keep everyone excited and interested in the show. Overall this was a great show with amazing stage presence and even more incredible visuals.