Artists You Should Know: JLine

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With artists beginning to merge genres to create something that is completely unique, pop music has transformed into a never ending cycle of new. Although some use similar style tactics, each artists’ sound will always be different from the next.

JLine is the latest to break the mold in the pop music scene. Like many artists, his influences and hard work have most definitely shaped him bringing his visions to life. Whether it be working with different producers, writing or the overall formation of a song he admits to trial and error leading him to finding his eclectic sound which he calls EelctroPOP/R&B.

“I love everything from EDM to R&B and even country. I love songs that tell a story and can evoke an emotional response from the listener. I’m really loving the current state of ElectroPOP and artists like Troye Sivan, ASTR, Dawn Richard and Broods are inspiring to me. Music that mixes genres and surprises the ear is what excites me.”

Like his music JLine’s choreogrphy/dancing has taken time to perfect. He started taking classes seriously at the age of 18. This is where he learned to find his own style as a choreographer which he classifies as streetjazz/funk. When it comes to taking a more modern dance approach, like he used for his current single “Over,” he is not afraid to look up to legends like Martha Graham or even current companies like Ballet INC.

Since having that connection to performing from the young age of 12, JLine knows the most important aspect of his performance is it coming from a genuine place.

“Everything you see me present, from the music to the visuals to the live performance, comes from my heart. I am 100% being myself in my work and as an independent artist, I think that’s a luxury many artists don’t have. I’m free to express myself how I choose because I’m the one ultimately driving the bus. I love what I do and hope to inspire others to know if I can follow my passion, so can you.”

Check out the video for “Over” which will be on his new album due out later this year!



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