Artist Spotlight: Bobby Bazini!

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Bobby Bazini

If you’re not Canadian, you might not have heard of Bobby Bazini before. The French-Canadian Quebec native is a soulful folk singer/songwriter who released his second album, “Where I Belong” this past May.

Bazini’s first album “Better In Time”, released in 2010, was an independent record that went platinum, gaining him a deal with Universal Music Canada. The single off that album was “I Wonder,” which has almost 500,000 views on YouTube – not bad for a still up-and-coming musician.

His sophomore release, “Where I Belong,” was recorded in Los Angeles with some well-known individuals: Booker T Jones, Jack Ashford and Jay Bellerose, and was produced by Larry Klein in the studio which the likes of Marvin Gaye and Johnny Cash also recorded.

His sound, especially on this new release, is a combination of Mumford & Sons and Bob Dylan with some blues and gospel aspects thrown in and a few references to his place in the Millennium Generation (such as the reference to Twitter in his song “Heavy Love”).

Bazini is currently on tour, with most of the remaining dates in his home province of Quebec. The dates and links to his social media and music can be found on his website