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Album Review – ‘Good Thing Going’ by Cameran Nelson

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After releasing his first full-length album just two years ago, Cameran Nelson is back with NEW music that will definitely make your ear drums dance. ‘Good Thing Going’ showcases Nelson’s eclectic style with the perfect blend of upbeat and feel good music that listeners just cannot deny.

The tracks  ‘Shotgun’, The Little That We’re Livin’ On’ and ‘Beer Lease’, will cause involuntary toe tapping and finger snapping right out of the gate. The classic blend of violin with banjo sounds fused together with electric guitar automatically sends a message to the listener’s brain saying, “you can’t deny this”. But when Cameran’s gritty tone emerges, there is no turning back.

‘Look What You’ve Done’, ‘Almost You’, and ‘Rubbin It In’ all begin with powerful drum introductions that lead into moderately tempo songs, but clearly chronicle different stages of what love will do to you. ‘Rubbin It In’ goes into that period of time that seems eternal, when one over analyzes every text and every phone call, thinking “is this time going to be for real?” while ‘Look What You’ve Done’ goes as far as describing how much the love one has for someone can change your entire being and ‘Almost You’ goes into the heartbreak stage, when one tries to get over the relationship they’ve lost, but starts comparing everyone they meet to that person.

To balance out the strong side of the album, ‘You Can Still Wear White’, ‘Lady’s Man’, ‘This’ll Be a Memory’, the title track ‘Good Thing Going’ and ‘Whiskey #5’, bring a dash of softness to this true country album. The down-tempo beats bring something extra to positive tracks like ‘You Can Still Wear White’, ‘Lady’s Man’ and ‘Good Thing Going’, but also stir in melancholy moods with tracks like ‘This’ll Be a Memory’ and ‘Whiskey #5’.

Cameran’s current single, ‘Nothing’s Got Nothin’, is definitely a standout track that fans are already raving about. One of the most intriguing qualities about this particular track, is it’s almost as if Cameran effortlessly integrated every time period of country music with his own swagger, to create something that fans don’t hear on the radio.

With 2016 right around the corner, Cameran created an album that could launch his career into something no one could have imagined! Country music fans: you NEED this album.