Cameran Nelson Talks Album Inspiration, Mexican Food, and No. 1’s

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We got to chat with country crooner Cameran Nelson whose sophomore  album ‘Good Thing Going’ was just released. Don’t forget to check out our album review and all the tracks on iTunes!
1. How do you begin to narrow down the songs that earn a spot on your album?
– It basically boils down to teamwork, and a good old fashioned gut feeling. Some songs just fit different, or better at one time than they would at another. For example “Lady’s Man” was recorded and done months before the “Happy To Beer” album came out in June of 2013, but we didn’t think it was a good fit for that record. I think it fits in great on the “Good Thing Going” album.
2. What was the major influence for your sophomore album ‘Good Thing Going?’
– If you listen to the album from track 1 to track 12, you’ll see that we (for the most part) have a relationship laid out from start to finish. Of course we threw in a little nonsense with “Beer Lease” right in the middle, (by nonsense, I mean FUN) but this is also a point in the album where the relationship takes a turn. I won’t spoil it for you… Just go listen! haha
3. Growing up in Texas, what were some major musical influences?
– My dad was my biggest influence. He played in a few different bands while I was growing up. My first gig was filling in for his bass player that couldn’t make the show, I was 13 and I made $60! I was PUMPED! haha.. When I was 14-15, I spent some time working for Gary Stewart. He actually taught me how to play “Empty Glass” in a hotel room in Rockwall, Tx before a gig at the Southern Junction one night.
4. Being that you have performed with musicians like Dustin Lynch and Lee Brice, what are some notes you have taken from them?
– I think they are both great song writers! Putting on a production like the ones they bring is pretty impressive. That helped me realize that I can’t do it all. It takes a team surrounding you with a common goal that makes shows and careers like that possible. I love the team I have, and can’t wait to see what the future holds for us all!
5. How do you think you stand out among other artists in your genre?
– I think staying true to who we are, and loving what we do has more to do with it than anything. As a fan of this genre, I can tell when an artist or group is trying to stand out. I’m not saying we don’t try, though. We work our butts off, and I think being yourself both on stage and off makes you as unique as you can be.
6. Considering you have been touring a lot this year, many of the dates being in Texas, what do you look forward to when playing a home state show?
– Mexican Food! For some reason good Mexican food is hard to come by once you leave Texas… Or as my guitar player Bryson calls it… MEXCELLENT!
7. Have you ever written a song/songs and the content has been lost?
– More than once unfortunately, but if it wasn’t good enough to remember how it went, it probably wasn’t worth remembering.
8. How excited were you when you found out “SHOTGUN” and “You Can Still Wear White” went number one?
– Sometimes I still don’t think that has sunk in… Don’t get me wrong, we partied like crazy for both of those and “35 Runs Both Ways”! I truly love this scene, and am grateful for all the support we get from the venues, radio, fans, and feel blessed to be a part of it.

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