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Chris Carmack Comes Out of the Woodwork with Brilliant New “Pieces of You” EP

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You may know Chris Carmack as Luke from the days where Seth Cohen and Summer Roberts reigned as the original “OTP” of the 2000s, or even from Nashville where he plays Will Lexington, a country singer, but you probably never knew just how amazing he was at music himself.

With his debut EP Pieces of You, Carmack has proven himself so much more than that good-looking bad boy we’ve all come to know and love. His music channels country, pop, and rock roots with a bit of alternative lyrical content. It’s emotionally upfront and daunting in the best way. While you can hear the country infused throughout each song, it’s hard not to see how the catchy melody’s have the capability of chart-topping Pop radio that you haven’t seen since Keith Urban’s Top 40 days.

While Carmack’s musical context also contains a major influence from traditional rock guitar forces, it’s the lyrical components of songs like the title track “Pieces of You” that capture your heart. The opening track “Being Along” is not only one of the most revealing tracks, it’s easily the most relatable. It’s hard to pinpoint which song leaves you begging for an album, or if it’s all five, but even after a few replays, I found myself wanting even more.

Carmack’s ability to influence his lyrics with his vocal emphasis is something that “Being Alone”, “Always Mine”, and “Can’t Do It Again” showcase perfectly. While the words alone are a great reflection on the message of the song, it’s the delivery of Carmack’s voice that really pushes the story home. Try listening to them without tearing up; it won’t happen.

Both “Pieces of You” and “What Has Changed” are a nice change of pace to the intensity of the other three songs on the EP. While the other songs use a lot of guitar and vocal influxes to influence listeners, both “Pieces of You” and “What Has Changed” are stripped down almost acoustic tracks that showcase how beautiful and simple Carmack’s voice can be. Adding to the diversity on the EP, these two tracks are the most tear-jerking songs he has.

All in all, the Pieces of You EP is a smash for Carmack coming out of the woodwork. It leaves you wondering why he’s been holding out on us for so long. The EP is a powerful statement and testament to his musical capabilities as an artist by leaving you wanting so much more. You can pre-order the album today!