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A Quick Take On Miley Cyrus’s New Album

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Miley Cyrus announced that her much anticipated album “Miley Cyrus And Her Dead Petz” is available on her website FOR FREE at the VMA’s Sunday. At first I was all “Ahhhhh YAS free album YAS!” but then I listened too it. It’s important to know that I’ve been a fan since Miley was using ketchup as moisturizer on Hannah Montana. So I am writing this quick review as a Miley super fan, who was super disappointed. Her last album “Bangerz” was emotional, powerful,and an all around fun transition from her teeny pop albums of the past; she seemed mature.
The following will be a short opinion I have for a few of the songs off her new album as I listen.
1.) Dooo it! – Basically the anthem for every preteen who tries pot for the first time.
2.) Karen Don’t Be Sad – An actually decent ballad, very Pink Floyd-ish, assuming it’s about one of the homeless youth from her Happy Hippie Foundation.
3.) The Floyd Song (Sunrise) – This one is about her dog that died (I’m still crying over her breakdown during the Bangerz tour).
4.) Something About Space Dude – Drugs
5.) Space Boots- A really cute romantic song for vegan pot heads

6.) Pablow The Blowfish- Definitely written by Phoebe Buffay

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