Top 20 Music Videos of 2015!

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In this day in age, music videos are no longer considered JUST music videos, but are being seen as small feature films. The creativity put into our favorite artists videos definitely do not go unseen. Comparing all of the top videos released this year, we ranked them one through twenty. We present you our favorite videos of the year. Did your fave make the list?!

1. Bad Blood – Taylor Swift: Remember the countdown to this video? Taylor posting movie posters for each character in the video, and you constantly checking Instagram to see if anyone else was added to the all star cast. And when it premiered at the Billboard Awards – you lost all chill. This video not only introduced us to Taylor’s squad, but it also had you buying all leather outfits. The special effects were out of control, and we CAN’T forget about Kendrick Lamar. Thank you Taylor Swift for blessing us with the Bad Blood music video.

2. Sugar- Maroon 5: I bet you remember exactly where you were the first time you saw this video. Wondering if it was real and if Adam would come crash your wedding one day. After it’s release, it was announced that it was indeed staged (but lets just pretend its our wedding anyways). It is downright adorable, and personally my favorite maroon 5 video ever. (It also has an impressive 900,000,000 views, is that even possible?!)


3. Elastic Heart – Sia: Sia takes the number three spot. Think all the way back to January. Sia released her captivating video to Elastic Heart featuring an incredible performance by Maddie Ziegler and Shia LaBeouf. With over 450,000,000 views, it is definitely a favorite of the year and one we’ll always remember.

4. Hotline Bling – Drake: How far down did you think you’d have to scroll to find this music video? Probably the most iconic video on the internet. Is it even possible to go on Instagram without seeing a Hotline Bling meme? Putting all jokes aside, Drake. You win. Perfect aesthetically pleasing video. I mean, name one thing better than 5 minutes of Drake dancing. You can’t.

5. Photograph – Ed Sheeran: If you have a heart, it will be in a puddle by the end of this video. Home videos of Ed as a baby, his childhood, teen years, and by the time it gets to the present I’m a mess (no pun intended). You actually get to see his passion for music since he was a child and ITS. SO. MUCH. TO. HANDLE!!!

6. Here- Alessia Cara: Your favorite song’s music video is even better. When you watch the video, pay attention to the people in it. They’re not actors, they’re the real people she talks about in the lyrics! The “boy who’s throwing up cause he can’t take whats in his cup no more” is playing himself in the video, how cool! Also pick up on how everything is purple, she envisioned the song as purple. Fits perfectly.

7. Hello – Adele:  This video has only been out for a little over a month but already has half a BILLION views. Insane. Watching it now for the millionth time and I still get chills. This is how you make a comeback video (and cause millions of hearts to break all over the world).

8. Talking Bodies – Tove Lo: The exact opposite of Alessia Cara’s ‘Here’. Completely obsessed with the colors in this video. And Tove Lo herself. Killing it.


9. Worth It- Fifth Harmony: Yaaaaaaaaaaaasssss ladies. This is THE perfect female empowerment video! How many times did you watch it to memorize the dance? Dont lie. This video has more views than Beyonce’s most viewed video. Just think about that.

10. Hold My Hand – Jess Gylnne: Okay, what does it take to be in Jess’ squad? I want to be in the desert riding dirt bikes in the sunset. New squad goals. Also girl, eyeliner on fleek.

11. Shut Up and Dance – Walk The Moon: Every year, there is that one song that you will never be able to get out of your head. These guys win for not only having that single, ‘Shut Up and Dance’, but they also win for one of the funniest videos of the year. The graphics are so fun. The video is as happy as the song. Literally the happiest band in the world.

12. Love Me Like You Do – Ellie Goulding: So hard to even read the title without singing it. The song was off the soundtrack of one of the biggest box office hits of 2015, 50 Shades Of Grey. The video features clips from the movie along with the beautiful Ellie wondering around a very 50 Shades like building. Still obsessed a year later, probably always will be.

13. House Party- Sam Hunt: Sam remade this video with footage from his summer tour. This video made me realize 2 things: 1. I need to go on tour. 2. I need to marry Sam Hunt.

14. Dear Future Husband – Meghan Trainor: This is her second hit song that is still stuck in your head. The video gave me major eyeliner goals, her wings are perfect! It is so visually pleasing, so many bright colors!

15. Perfect – One Direction: Make it through this video without smiling and making wedding plans for you and Harry or not making inhuman-like sounds, and you win. I know its not just me. You don’t even realize Zayn isn’t there. This is way to beautiful and needs to be removed from the internet.


16. Stitches – Shawn Mendes: Watch Shawn get beat up by nothing. I’m not legally able to be attracted to this, but if I was 16 I would have more to say…

17. Black Magic – Little Mix: Little Mix takes entirely different roles in this video. Is this who they would be if it wasn’t for X – Factor? ADORABLE!! But as soon as they glo’ up half way through the video, okay!! I now know I need to be in Little Mix!

18. What Do You Mean – Justin Bieber: I’ve never been so jealous of anyone before ever in my life. I’ve alwats aspired to be a girl in a Justin Bieber video, but now I know I need to. Even if he payed someone to be kidnapped to earn the girls trust. I want to be her.

19. Want To Want Me – Jason Derulo: HOW HOT IS JASON DERULO!

20. Focus – Ariana Grande: I hope sometime in my life I find a reason to recreate this video. #HairGoalz



There you have it, my list of the top 20 music videos of 2015.

All I care about is Taylor Swift and dog instagrams.