10 Things Seen & Overheard at a Nick Jonas Concert.

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The Jonas Brothers days are over, and the crowds are more diverse for Nick.  So I decided to create a post about what I witnessed and overheard fans say at the show. Enjoy!

1. A father of a younger girl wearing a backwards corset.

2. An older woman grinding on the bar.

3. “I just want him to take it off”

4. “Remember when there were three?”

5. “I’m still bitter they didn’t release the bros’ fifth album”

6. “How does he hit those high notes? He clearly finished puberty!”

7. “Can we just pray that he stays single?”

8. Man trying to get his girlfriend’s attention while she was staring at Nick on stage.

9. “Why isn’t he gay for us?”

10. High pitched screaming from back in the old days when he sang “Who I am”.

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