Youtuber: Michelle Jaquot!

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Our very talented intern, Michelle, is an eighteen-year-old singer who has just recently brought her talent to YouTube. When asked why she decided on YouTube as her musical outlet, Michelle told us, “I’m pretty active on social media and I felt like YouTube was the next step for my music career. It’s kind of like the saying ‘learn by seeing, hearing, or doing.’ I think people really latch on to things when they can actually see and hear it themselves in a video.” Personally, I felt like this was a very genuine answer; she wanted this more so to help herself improve her talents, not in order to become famous or gain fans although she will likely accomplish the latter. Michelle said that she never had that “Ah ha!” moment with music; it wasn’t something she had to discover, it was just there for her all her life. “It’s always been a part of me. Growing up I was a dancer, so I was always really inspired by music, my dad would play me guitar and sing, I learned piano when I was very young, and so on. Ever since I was fourteen I’ve gone to multiple shows a month, or oftentimes even multiple a week. Eat, sleep, music, right?”


After listening to Michelle’s voice on YouTube, I knew it was apparent that we had to feature her. Her voice is one that you have to listen to more than once due to the fact that there is something about her voice that pulls you in. Michelle has had excellent feedback on YouTube thus far and that’s only after posting two covers. Not to worry though, Michelle tells us that she plans on uploading a video once a week very soon. “Yes, I’ve been lucky enough to have really awesome and supportive feedback. Most of my following and feedback is on Twitter which has been great while transitioning onto YouTube. What I’ve heard most that viewers like about my covers is my unique sound.”

According to Michelle, some of her inspirations while pursuing her music career have been, but not limited to, Paramore and No Doubt. She says, “Paramore and No Doubt are huge for me. I love Hayley Williams and Gwen Stefani (who doesn’t?!) and it’s so rad to see females in the industry with so much talent and drive like them be successful. Sara Bareilles is definitely a huge role model to me as well, especially since I play the piano. And OneRepublic! They were my first and second concert and their music still gives me chills to this day.” It’s no doubt that Michelle would be inspired by Gwen Stefani (see what I did there…). Not only does her voice resemble a similar sound to Stefani, but you can see Stefani’s influence on her sense of style and fashion.

Michelle is moving to Los Angeles in just a few months to focus on her music; she discloses, “I love songwriting and can’t wait to get going and actually put everything together. Original music is and always has been my dream, but covers are fun and great practice in the meantime.” I personally am very excited to watch Michelle grow and see where this wonderful voice of hers takes her. As far as goals for Michelle she says, “Definitely to make original music, release an album (hopefully more than one!), and tour. There’s something really special about creating your own music and sharing it with the world. I hope one day I can affect people’s lives the same way other people’s music has affected mine.” I give my stamp of approval to Michelle as she takes on this journey; I am definitely a supporter and would recommend checking out what Michelle has got going on. You definitely will not regret it.

Check out Michelle’s YouTube channel and let us know what you think of her!