Doing Good: She’s The First

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What if you weren’t able to afford an education? What if, after 8th grade, you were forced to call it quits?

That’s what happens to girls in developing nations. They aren’t able to continue going to school. Only one in every five girls in another country will finish primary school.

She’s the First is an organization that sponsors girls’ education in these developing nations. It gives them the chance to become the first in their families to graduate from secondary school.


The job of the organization is to guide supporters to organize fundraisers and help them understand poverty in other countries. The organization sponsors individual girls and tries to give her the tools she needs to be successful in the world both during and after her school years. She’s the First works with countries where the rate of enrollment for girls in secondary school is only 33 percent.

Past research shows that an extra year of school for girls means that they can earn 10 to 20 percent more and have a bigger return of 18 percent in future wages. Girls with a better education also have lower maternal mortality rates, have children when they’re older, and improve their hygiene. They are also more likely to marry, have fewer children, educate their children, and suffer less from sexual abuse.

Since She’s the First started, the organization has impacted 10 countries and has 346 scholars, or sponsored girls in other countries. It also has 83 campus chapters working to help the organization and reaches over 400,000 student bodies.

Everyone has the right to an education, so consider helping She’s the First in any way you can.

You can find more information at or Facebook  and you can also check out their Twitter.

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