Yellow Claw Drops “Bittersweet” with Sofia Reyes

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Not to be dramatic or anything, but Yellow Claw consistently deliver bop and after bop after bop. Released just today is their latest collaboration with Latina songstress Sofia Reyes and yes, it will be on repeat for the entire weekend! We got the absolute pleasure to chat with these EDM royals!

SRS: How did working with Sofia Reyes on “Bittersweet” come about?

 NWe met in LA about a year ago, and had a couple good sessions. Then we connected about half a year later again there to finish this song. The whole vibe was pretty relaxed.


SRS: If you could collaborate with any artist dead or alive who would it be?

 J: Alive, I’d say Rihanna. She’s just the Queen of music for our generation, and I love the way all her projects have this total ‘360-degree’ way of being cool. She’s also a person who has not been tamed by the big execs and just does whatever she wants – kinda like us. 


SRS: Album number 3 “New Blood” is out in June. Seeing the title, what ways do you feel you’ve evolved since the last record? 

J: I think we have evolved by being able to step into a studio and be completely free. So the outcome can be whatever and sound however. But it will still be Yellow Claw, just because we say it is.



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SRS: Nils, you sing for the first time on “Summertime”. Will you be singing more on the album? Are you up to singing more in the future?

N: Not on this album. But there are plenty of other songs we have on which I’m singing that we are going to release in the future.

It should come natural and shouldn’t be forced. I’ve been singing since I was a young boy, and combined with challenging myself to become a more equipped vocal producer I’ve been recording myself a lot in the past year. This song came out of one of those sessions, and we were convinced it should be on the album.


SRS: You guys are teaming up with Mustard (formerly DJ Mustard) as “Yellow Mustard” for a show this August. You previously collaborated on “In My Room” three years ago. What’s your relationship like?

J: It has been good ever since we met. Basically, we are from two different ends of the DJ galaxy but in the studio we have a lot of overlapping interests. “In My Room” was a very good example of that.

I remember when we brought him out to a festival a few years ago in Europe, and I think it was his first EDM festival. It might have been Tomorrowland. He was pretty impressed with how the DJ and crowd interaction was there.

For the past few months we have been working on a lot of tracks within a big range of musical styles.



SRS: You have your own label the Barong Family. What are the ideal qualities you look for in an artist?

N: Don’t be snitch. Make dope music. 


SRS: Obsessed with your fashion line!! [You can buy HERE] Can we expect new items soon?

J: Yeah, definitely. We have been working on a lot of new items. Starting in June, we are gonna drop so much – it’s crazy. 


SRS: And lastly: Do you two ever fight? How do you resolve it and remain the best of mates?

J: Not really. I think one of the strongest parts of our relationship is that we both know very well what we are not capable of and where the other person should just take it from there.

From the start, it’s been an explosive power for us to just direct all of our energy into creating instead of arguing, ego or overthinking.