Billy Roach is Back with New Music After 6-Year Hiatus

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Singer-songwriter Billy Roach has an impressive musical career over the span of the last two decades. With heavy influences in the 90’s alternative rock movement, Billy began to embark on performing across the country. 

I was really influenced by the early 2000s, like the 90s movement and alternative rock. That’s really the reason why I started playing music. It was the energy it was about and just so happened to find out that I had a voice and that I could play guitar,” explains Billy. “Recently, I’m coming back from my break as I became a full-time dad. My wife has several companies and she’s very successful with that. From there, I slowly came back into the music scene after taking some time off.

After six years away from the industry, Billy Roach has decided that 2020 is the year when he makes his anticipated comeback. Although the landscape of the industry is different, Billy is ready to take on the challenge of relaunching his career, taking old fans on the journey, and touching new fans with his music.

I hope people like the new stuff we’re working on. I write the sounds first and the soundscapes. I put my lyrics to it afterward. With that being said, I think that the songs are more personal.” explains Billy

You can learn more about Billy Roach by visiting his website