What Other Bands Can Learn From Ed Sheeran

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After dueting and opening up with Taylor Swift on her RED tour, Ed Sheeran has become a household name.  Rightfully so, this songwriter is doing EVERYTHING right by pleasing himself, his fans, and his fellow musicians.  The first thing bigger artists can take from Sheeran is his idea on paying for VIP packages to meet artists, “I didn’t want people to pay $170 and get front row tickets and a meet and greet. I hate that shit. The moment you allow a kid with a rich father to have more things than a kid with a poor father, I think that’s shit.”

Here’s some of Ed’s kindness and amazingness in action:

  • His past two albums he wrote every song on the albums.
  • He played 312 shows in a YEAR!
  • He stops to meet fans any time he can.
  • He shares his Granny’s advice with the world- to fall in love with someone’s eyes since they never grow old.
  • His album release day for X he started playing in a small pub and working his way up to playing an arena that night. Reminding everyone to remember where they came from.
  • His parents haven’t done any interviews keeping the private things, private.
  • He supports Musicians On Call, One Campaign, and GRAMMY Foundation.
  • He donated a number of bags of his own clothing to charity shops in his hometown of Framlingham in Suffolk.


Ed- keep doing you, we love you and want to have a chat with you. Have your people call our people.


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